In reference to the recent Denver Post article.  

Grand County’s languid real estate recovery gets spur from developers

I believe the slower growth is better for Grand County. It is smart planned growth instead of throwing things together to make a quick buck during an upturn in the economy. What makes the Fraser Valley unique to other ski resorts is the fact that it is surrounded by public lands with easy access to miles of trails for mtn biking, x country skiing, hiking and snowmobiling. Jumping off the I -70 corridor also makes it a faster and more scenic commute over beautiful Berthoud Pass! These factors attract more authentic mountain enthusiasts that are here to be close to nature, than those that just want to go shopping! We are also fortunate enough to have the Middle Park Land Trust which has helped to ensure that our wide open meadows will not be developed. What other resort has a hundred acre meadow within walking distance to downtown? We love Grand County for these reasons.