Five reasons a buyer and seller should not talk with each other.

First… You buy or sell very few houses over a life time. The experience you need to negotiate a transaction  just isn’t there. You need to take the emotions out of the process,  the professional can help you do that. There’s a lot of emotional turmoil for both the buyer and seller. The agent acts a good listener who is not emotionally involved. The professional understands these challenges and will help you negotiate the best deal possible.

Second… Buying or selling a house is not like buying or selling a car or any other asset. Each property is unique,  especially in our market in the mountains, there is no other house that is exactly the same as the one you want to buy or sell.  The price of a house is based on location, views,  access, quality, of the house, etc… your real estate agent understands this.

Third… It’s taken many years to develop the real estate sales and closure process. It begins with an accepted sales contract and ends with a settlement. In the middle there are legal documents which control and focus the sale. These documents may seem arcane and confusing to the lay person. Let your real estate agent guide you through this process from beginning to end.

Fourth… Communication:  You may think that by speaking to the other party directly without going through your or their real estate agent, that you’re eliminating problems.  It is usually the opposite. It may be that every word you utter has a legal meaning within the context of the real estate transaction. Further, you may say something that is completely misunderstood by the other party, or that gives away your motivation, or puts you at some disadvantage without you even realizing what you have done. That’s why all communications between the buyer and seller should be vetted by the real estate agents. That way misunderstandings are avoided and the process can move smoothly to a final conclusion.

Fifth… Negotiation:  We have long term relations with most of the realtors in our market and know the best way to approach negotiations  that are appropriate for their individual personalities. Being analytical with some, not ruffling feathers in others, or being blunt or firm in other scenarios.  With years of experience we also understand what is traditionally a buyer or seller cost, and what is reasonable to push for and what should go by the wayside.  Our job is to council you on the intricacies of our local market.

Please discuss this further with Mara or Brenda if you have any questions. Our vision begins the moment we begin working for our clients and continues to negotiation and through to the end of the transaction and beyond.

Grand Mountain Group at RE/MAX Peak to Peak’s Mission Statement
We love what we do and it shows by exceeding expectations while maintaining integrity, honesty and dependability all the while providing a seamless transaction. In the end we enjoy new and strengthened relationships where we become the fountain of knowledge and resources for years to come.