Negotiating For The Best Outcome

A Real Estate agent uses their negotiating skills on a daily basis. These skills are essential if he or she is to obtain the highest possible price for the sellers he or she represents, or the best price for a buyer, he or she represents who is making an offer on a property

Just because agents have undergone real estate courses in order to receive their real estate qualifications, this does not mean that they have mastered the art of negotiation. Most real estate courses concentrate on subjects such as risk management and property law. They do not teach negotiation to the degree where graduates can truly claim mastery. Mara and Brenda have undergone negotiating training above and beyond most agents, in order to help our buyers and sellers.

On occasion property in Grand County will sell for full asking price, but that has not and is not always the case. At each stage of negotiations, we’re looking out for your best interests.  We will run a new market analysis so that we can see what the comparable listings have sold for in recent months. This helps you know the real market value before beginning your negotiations. Whatever the situation, we’re in communication with you at all times, offering our best advice.


Mara and Brenda have been awarded the Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE®) designation by the Real Estate Negotiation Institute (RENI). Brenda has gone on to earn her Masters in the CNE program… MCNE.  The CNE® is earned by real estate professionals after successfully completing formal negotiation training from the Real Estate Negotiation Institute. Agents who receive this certification are in the top 1% of all agents nationally.

With professional negotiation skills, agents are able to help clients obtain better results in the sale or purchase of their home. CNE® agents have a powerful competitive edge because of their ability to 1) communicate effectively to uncover more information, 2) help clients understand their options, 3) work collaboratively with others, and 4) resolve deadlocks. CNE® agents have a thorough understanding of how to negotiate effectively to help achieve their client’s goals.

Through great communication, great pricing, great marketing, and great negotiation, we’ll give you a great selling experience.