Vacant Land

Vacant Land:  Vacant land in Grand County can be purchased for as little as $10,000, or you can splurge into the millions. Factors to consider when purchasing vacant land include accessibility, year-round maintenance of roads, utilities, water and septic, forest health, and more. This can be one of the trickiest types of property to purchase, and we’d be happy to help you make a wise decision.

Due diligence, while under contract for Land:

(1.) Perc Test before the inspection objection:

Septic Engineers

High County Soil Testing (recommend by Bill Abbott)   970-531-3492

Randy George                           970-724-0247

JT likes to work with Randy George                              970-575-1120 

Jed Dindinger                            970-726-5707

(2.) Survey: ILC (Drawling) of the lot. or corners marked.


Jerry Diamond      303-918-7310 

Tim Shenk Surveying                                           970-887-1046

Azumith Surveys:  Warren Ward                          970-531-1120

(3.) Dirt Work: Excavation, leach field, driveway and building site

Excavator/Snow removal

Chris Berquist Jr.                                                 970-575-1122  or

Jay Conroy                                                          970-726-3779 cell 531-9090

Gary Droll                                                            970-531-6610

Cat Tracks Ross Caldwell   Old Town & WP       970-726-6727

Dirt Works, Keith Everhart                                   970-531-0716

(4.) Well

Well inspectors

Bill Abbott (Well Instal)                                       970-531-0351

Sweetwater Pump                                               970-887-0441

Civil Site and Soil  Karl Smith                             970-531-0617

We used the state’s website to locate the well permits with homes near your lot.  It is not an exact science, but it gives you an idea of the cost to construct a well. 

Typically you will pay about $25 per foot.

(5) Popular Builders in our area

**Klebba Custom Builders (970) 531-3628


**Jamie Smith Cabin Creek 970-470-0840


Grand Lake Log Homes (970) 887-2849


Terra Firma Custom Homes, Inc. (970) 726-1133


Chillcoots Construction (970) 722-0108


Sawtooth Mountain Builder & Remodeling Contractor (970) 726-9413


Complete Construction (970) 887-2529


Mill/Works Building Service LLC  (970) 726-9225


Icebox Builders Inc  (970) 531-3435

Sites recommended to us from clients looking to build