Write Me An Offer


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Write me an Offer’  will provide you with much needed information for the pocess of writing an offer.  As your Realtors, we will make sure you have a high quality written offer, which is almost as important as the price.   In most states in the U.S. there are different laws regarding buying and selling real estate.  As your Realtors we are trained and continually update our education of the laws on real estate in the state of Colorado.  Pre-qualifying for a loan will also help insure that the process runs smoothly.  Your offer may be accepted over someone who is not pre-qualified.  Pre-qualification also helps to provide everything necessary for a purchase. Pre-qualification will identify what steps you may need to take to improve your credit, financial assistance from family, or what price range you should be focusing your search.  We will  clearly explain dates and deadlines within a contract.

Please take time to complete each question below.  All of the information in the questionnaire for ‘write me an offer’ will assist you in understanding the process. It will also provide us with the  needed information to complete a well written offer. Our goal is to provide a smooth transition from finding your ideal home, making an offer and achieving home ownership.

Things that are included in the Write me an Offer questionnaire:

1. Property address?

2.  Offer Price?

3. Loan amount  example…80/20 – 90/10… etc…

4. Earnest Money : amount, who and how to handle.

5. We need all of your contact info: legal names, phone numbers email address, physical

address of all parties that will appear on the title.

6. How the title should read: Tenants in common… If one owner dies, their portion will go to their heirs.  Joint tenant… If one party dies, the property automatically goes to the other owner.  Severality…Single person or entity.

7. Preferred closing time frame /date. (depends on if the offer is cash, loan, and projected

time frame of appraisal.

8.  Loan costs/Closing costs/Survey or ILC (Improvement Location Certificate).  Your loan costs should not be more than 1.5 or 2% of your loan amount.    Do you want the corners on the property marked?   Your bank may require you to get an ILC, which will say if there are any encroachments, easements or setbacks.

9.  How do you want to close? Will you want to close in person, by mail or have the documents emailed.

10. Will all parties be at closing? If not, power of attorney may be needed.

11. Possession date… some sellers will want some time after close to move their belongings out.

Get Offers in Writing ‘Whenever Possible’