Mountain Shadow Estates

Notes from the Shadow Mountain Estates Covenants

Mountain Shadow Estates: Lots and designed to accommodate
one single family residence and an attached guest house, provided owner has upgraded the well permit to accommodate the attached guest house.

All Lots shall be limited to structures not in excess of 35 feet in height, except as provided in the
Final Plat for Restricted Budding Areas, a garage for not more than four cars

No building or improvement shall be erected without approved in writing as to conformity and harmony of external design with existing structures in the development

50 foot set- back applies to front, rear and side lot lines.

No noxious or offensive trade or activity

No trailer, mobile home, tent, or shack, structure of a temporary character, unregistered automobiles, inoperative automobiles, or mobile homes,

A motor boat, house boat or similar water borne vehicle and recreational vehicles may be maintained, stored, or kept on any pared of property covered by these Covenants only if housed within a structure which has been approved under the provisions of Paragraph M hereof or housed within an attached part of the dwelling unit or properly screened from surrounding residences and roadways.

All residential structures shall contain habitable floor area, exclusive of basements, porches, and garages, of not less than 1400 square feet in the case of a one-story structure or less than 2200 square feet in the case of a one and one-half, two, or two and one-half story structure.

No animals or poultry of any kind other than house pets and horses shall be kept or maintained on the property. All animals shall be kept corralled, penned, kenneled, or under
direct Owner control at all times. No more than 3 dogs (excluding puppies under 5 months
of age) shall be kept at any dwelling unit. If you haul in water, 1 horse may be kept for each 2 full acres in each Lot with a maximum of 2 horses per lot

No fence, wall, hedge or mass planting shall be permitted to extend beyond the trail easements as established on the final plat. Any fences built must be constructed of wooden materials with a
railing design using either lx6 or 2×6 material or natural lodge pole railings. No fence shall
exceed 42 inches in height. No more than one acre may be fenced within any lot.

Oil drilling, oil development operations, refining, mining operations of any kind, or quarrying shall
not be permitted, nor shall oil wells, tanks, tunnels, mineral excavations or shafts be permitted upon or in any of the building sites covered by these Covenants.

All signs except standard “For Sale” signs shall be made of wood with routed letters. No back
lighted or neon type illuminated signs shall be allowed on the property.

No site shall be used for any type of equipment or material storage, except during construction

No business or commercial enterprise shall be allowed to operate within the boundaries of the
Property, except a home occupation or a home operating as a Bed and Breakfast. Provided,
however an application must be submitted to the Board for approval of a Bed and Breakfast. The Board reserves the right to impose any requirements it deems necessary to mitigate any
objectionable impacts of such use and to bring any such Bed and Breakfast use into substantial
compliance with the limitations of use imposed on Home Occupations in Article L Paragraph D
above. Further, any Bed & Breakfast use shall not exceed the water consumption as allowed under a household use only well permit unless proper and adequate provisions have been made to upgrade the well to allow for additional water consumption.

No building or improvement shall be approved by the Committee which is to be constructed of
materials other than an exterior surface of natural wood, stone, brick, stucco or glass. Wood may have a clear finish or stain, but shall not be painted. Stains shall be muted greens, browns, gray tones or earth tones. Roof surfaces shall be three (3) tab composition, wood shake shingles, artificial shake shingles or metal roof with prebaked enamel finish, provided they are of earth tone colors, or tar and gravel built-up surface.

If allowed, all outbuildings shall be constructed of the same exterior siding and roofing materials of the dwelling

Lot shall comply with the three-lakes-design review regulations as approved and adopted by the Grand County Planning Commission and the Grand County Board of Commissioners

Each building, structure or improvement which is commenced on any Lot shall have the exterior
walls and roof completed within twelve (12) months after commencement of construction.

Easements or utilities as reserved on the Final Plat shall allow any and all public utility companies to enter on to the property and trim or fall trees and vegetation as necessary to install such utilities.

Roads, trail easements and open space easements are as reserved on the Final Plat. Trail easements are restricted to hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, mountain bikes and bridal path use. No motorized vehicles are permitted on the trail and open space easements

No sewage disposal system, sanitary system, cesspool or septic tank shall be constructed, altered or allowed to remain or to be used on any Lot without first having applied for and receiving the necessary approvals from the appropriate local and state agencies. Standard septic systems and each fields are required. Evaporative systems are prohibited. Prior to purchasing a lot prospective buyers should satisfy themselves that construction of a permissible system will be feasible.

All clothes lines, equipment, service yards, woodpiles, above ground fuel tanks, satellite dishes or storage piles on any Lot shall be kept screened by adequate planting or fencing so as to conceal them from the view of neighboring Lots, streets, and access roads. All rubbish and trash shall be removed from each Lot and shall not be allowed to accumulate and shall not be burned

All trash shall be stored in “bear-proof’ containers
Individual trash receptacles shall be stored inside except on the day of trash pick-up.

No towers, radio or television antennae higher than three (3) feet above the highest roof of a dwelling house shall be erected

Declarants may cut and fall such trees and vegetation as necessary prior to the conveyance of any Lot or in the alternative may identify on the Final Plat the location of such view corridors. See covenants for further explanation, Section T

No hunting, killing, or any activity relating to annoying or disturbing wildlife on subject property is allowed,