Ouray Ranch


Notes from covenants



Architectural Committee reviews all plans for homes, fences (for dog runs) exterior colors excreta

No Animals other than cats & Dogs or up to 2 horses are allowed on tracts larger than 2 acres and four on the 35 acre lots

Only 1, less than 35 feet: boat,  mobile Homes, trailers except two trailers on the 35 acre lots, may be able to park trailer with permission from the HOA in common areas

no “junk Vehicles” may be stored outside,

No temporary housing is allowed during construction

No laundry can be hung outside

The terrain needs to remain compatible with the natural wild growth presently there

No snowmobiles or small vehicles shall be kept or used in the subdivision; sound must be below 80 decibel

No firearms shall be used

No building shall be taller than 25 feet – may be higher with Architectural Committee approval

Set backs are 30 feet from the front, 20 feet from the rear, and 10 feet on the sides

First floor 1400 sq ft – one story

First floor 900 sq ft – with second stories.

Metal fire pits may be approved by the Architectural Committee

No camping on the river is allowed

Fishing is allowed if you join the Ouray Anglers club

Hiking and camping in designated areas are allowed – there is private BLM access

No detached garage larger than a two-bay will be allowed

There is a ranch manager


The Lodge

Owners use only; guest must be accompanied by the owner

No pets allowed

Reservations are on a first come first serve basis

Off season $65 per room and $500 for the entire lodge

During any calendar year, an Anglers Club member may have no more than 40 guests in the aggregate, not including spouse, children, grandchildren, and parents.

The guest fishing fee is $20 per day for the first ten guests and $40 per day for any additional guests in any calendar year, payable by the “host” Anglers Club member, for those guests who fish in the river or lake (including guests who are staying at the Lodge).

Members and guests may sign in for a maximum of four (4) hours at any one time, but they may sign for additional time on the same section or another section if available at the end of such four hour period. I


Ouray Anglers Club

Annual Dues are $250

Only members in good standing of the Ouray Anglers Club, their spouses, family members and guests are allowed to fish at Ouray Ranch.

Membership is required, a patch is given to prove eligibility and dashboard ID Cards

Anyone under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult while fishing in the river, the lake or the pond, whether in the water, on shore or from a canoe.

Member must be present with guests

Fishing fee is $20 per day for guests

No more than two guests may fish at any on time

You must sign in to fish

Only 9 rods are allowed in the river at one time, 2 rods per family

There is no rod limit for the pond or the lake

Only fly fishing allowed on the river

The river is catch and release

Two fish per week are allowed  on the lake

Each person may only use one rod at a time

Two fish per day from the pond may be kept

For more specific information contact us at:Team@grandmountaingoup.com